Zika Virus infection causes flu-like symptoms which occur within 2 weeks after travel to an affected area. Although in a majority of cases the symptoms go unnoticed. There is also evidence to suggest sexual transmission in those without a travel history. An infection during pregnancy can cause adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes.

Definitive diagnosis of Zika virus can only be made with laboratory testing. After onset of symptoms the recommendations for diagnosis of Zika virus are as follows:

Within 7 days testing by both serum PCR and urine PCR
Between 7 to 14 days testing by both urine PCR and Zika antibodies
After 14 days testing for Zika antibodies

What is the process?
– Order online
– Receive a discrete kit
– Collect sample
– Post kit using packaging provided

Who will analyse the sample?
– The Doctors Laboratory, UK’s leading lab

How long will it take to get the result?
– Up to 7 working days

How will the result be sent?
– By email