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Our specialist fertility areas


Seek help with PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, polyps or tubal block leading to subfertility, including support in miscarriage and to preserve your fertility.


Get support with erectile dysfunction; male infertility due to suboptimal quality sperm or no sperm in ejaculate requiring surgical sperm retrieval or if you have a varicocele.


Optimise what you eat so that you are ready for a pregnancy as nutritional habits can have a significant effect on both male and female fertility.


Fertility treatment can be an emotional roller coaster. You may want to seek support before, during or after treatment.


Manage your endocrine problems ranging from thyroid dysfunction, high prolactin to diabetes before or during pregnancy.

Weight Management

Reach your healthy weight to help you get pregnant and deliver a baby. Your weight, whether too high as seen in PCOS or too low can affect your ability to get pregnant.


Receive specialist counselling to understand the genetic condition and appreciate the inheritance pattern and risk of recurrence including the options available to avoid  the transmission.

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"I had a really good experience with Dr Irfana, she’s very professional and the best doctor I’ve met. Thank you!"

Doctify Verified Patient – 05-04-2021

"She's a very good doctor and I would advise to anyone. Thank you Dr Irfana!"

Doctify Verified Patient – 05-04-2021

"Great place and amazing staff. They are quick in terms of responding and very helpful."

Doctify Verified Patient – 15-06-2021

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