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IVF Matters provides specialist fertility advice and fertility tests to anyone looking for expert guidance in their fertility journey

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From expert video consultations in the comfort of your own home to laboratory fertility testing and fertility scans that will help give you the information that you require.




One Stop Fertility Care

IVF Matters is an online fertility clinic providing multidisciplinary consultant-led fertility care. Our team includes specialists in fertility, urology, nutrition, counselling, genetics, endocrinology, haematology and weight management.

We can perform laboratory fertility tests for you irrespective of where you live and offer ultrasound services at multiple locations across the UK. Our end goal is to help give you the best possible chance of receiving successful fertility treatment.

Videos about fertility diagnosis and treatment including IVF, egg freezing etc can be found in our Fertility Top Tips section. We want to help support you throughout your journey by giving you as much expert insight and information as possible.

Team of specialists


Lab tests across the UK


Scans at over 60 sites


Experts in Fertility

Our fertility consultants offer out of hours and weekend appointments to help establish a diagnosis and give recommendations for your fertility care through a video assessment.

We are confident we can achieve this as our patients are young men and women who are fit and well and rarely require a clinical examination.

Now, we can gain laboratory tested results without you having to leave the house. Our cleverly designed and packaged test kits enables you to collect your sample locally and to return it to us for processing via the postal service.

We are also London’s first and only home semen sample collection service. Our medical couriers can collect samples from over 50 postcodes across London at your own convenience.

And finally, our wide network of ultrasound centres allows you to have a scan at over 60 locations across the UK. The service allows you to gain technological insight as we endeavor to diagnose your issues.

You can use our online fertility services even if you are having treatment at another clinic.  Our competitive prices allow you to take advantage of our team of fertility experts so that you can gain an effective second opinion. It really can’t get any simpler!

“Many thanks for helping us start our family. Your support in such difficult moments made a real difference in our lives.”
JJ, London
“We had our consultation with Dr Irfana Koita and we loved her. Thank you so much for setting us up with her!”
KL, London
“Our beautiful boys are a continuous joy and keep us very busy indeed”
AS, London
“Just a note to say thank you so much for your help as we now have two beautiful girls. It all worked first time, and the only egg I had split into two so they are identical! It was a real shock to the system but we are very happy”.
VG, London
“I wanted to thank for your time on the phone earlier and sorry to be so neurotic! I feel completely privileged to be under your care and have the utmost respect for everything you do for patients like myself.”
MB, London
“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your kindness, care and support during and after my egg collection. I really did appreciate all you did for me that day”
JR, Nottingham
“We had many failed cycles with other units but got pregnant with you. Our baby was born in July and we are so happy with our sunshine.”
PJ, St Albans
“OK, bit of an update! I am pregnant!!! Seems like the one time we did try last month was the winner! I do believe it was down to your advice to go about trying, so can’t thank you enough. I will certainly recommend you to anyone having problems.”
AB, Kent
“Our little boy is born. We are over the moon! Thank you Irfana for helping us in this amazing journey.”
LB & EM, London
“Thank you for everything. Your charming, confident face and detailed follow ups made the “drama queen” feel relaxed :)”
PS, Abu Dhabi

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Enhanced Fertility Programme

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