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Saturday appointments are only offered in the AM
Saturday appointments are only offered in the AM
Saturday appointments are only offered in the AM


IVF Matters is a private fertility clinic offering infertility evaluation across the UK, with fertility treatments performed in London by our director and fertility consultant, Irfana Koita. You can book a fertility consultation for trusted and meaningful advice at any stage of your fertility journey.

You may have just begun trying for a baby, or it could be a more specific issue that you would like to discuss, such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, tubal block, suboptimal sperm quality or a previous miscarriage. Dr Irfana Koita, our lead fertility specialist, will speak to you either face to face via a video call or in a clinic at Harley Street or Canary Wharf in London. Our fertility doctor can also provide you with a valuable second opinion if you receive fertility treatment elsewhere.

Our IVF consultant's clientele also includes those who want to preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs or sperm. 


What to expect on booking a consultation?

IVF Matters is a 5 star rated service that allows you to receive private fertility care with UK’s leading fertility consultant. Once you book a consultation, we will notify you of your finalised appointment time via email. 

The service offers you precisely the same level of care, knowledge and attention online and in-clinic. Whether you’re having your initial consultation at the start of your fertility journey or you are returning to continue, you can expect highly personalised service.

What do I need for my consultation?

You will be required to complete an online questionnaire and upload any documents or test results using a link onto our highly secure patient management system. If this is your first appointment with our specialist, you will not be expected to have any reports and can upload these after the consultation. 

What will be covered during my initial fertility consultation?

Our consultant will aim to understand your journey so far. It will include asking a range of questions covering various topics, including your medical history and analysing your previous investigations. Subsequently, our specialist may recommend tests to confirm the diagnosis. If you have already done the necessary tests, our fertility doctor will discuss your treatment options.

What happens following my initial consultation?

After the initial appointment, our specialist will tell you to perform relevant tests as we try to set your fertility journey on the right course. Alternatively, she may discuss your treatment options. Either way, you will have a FREE follow up consultation to firm up the plan. The follow-up consultation will be of 30 minutes duration via a video call with our fertility consultant.

Why choose IVF Matters?

IVF Matters offer the complete fertility journey in surroundings that you feel comfortable in. You will be able to receive attentive care and advice from a range of private fertility consultants at a cost-effective price. As well as our video consultations, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive a range of ultrasound scans and laboratory tests based on your needs at one of our many partner clinics across the country.

Our director Dr Irfana Koita offers personalised care backed by evidence-based medicine. She has over 15 years of experience in assisted conception, and all clinical procedures are performed by her, thus ensuring you have the best chance of a successful outcome. Her 5-star reviews on Doctify and Top Doctors are testaments to the high quality of care that she delivers.

We are also the first clinic in the UK (and perhaps the only one at the moment) to offer Buy Now Pay Later plans to help spread the cost of fertility assessments.

Is IVF Matters right for me?

Our consultants will get to know you and offer you the best care possible as you aim to start your family. IVF Matters has dealt with patients at all stages of trying for a baby and has many years of experience.

You may have just started trying for a baby or have some initial concerns raised in the past that you would like addressed. Other patients may have unfortunately had a previously failed pregnancy and seek assurances as they try for a baby again. Or, it might be that you’ve just finished an unsuccessful fertility treatment and you would like a second opinion. We can also help women by discussing the process involved in egg freezing.

Can I pay in instalments?

IVF Matters is the 1st fertility service in the UK to offer interest-free payment plans for diagnostic tests. We offer 2 payment plans - Splitit and LayBuy.

Splitit enables you to pay with an existing VISA or MasterCard credit card by splitting the cost into interest and fee-free monthly payments, without additional registrations or applications. To be eligible, you must have the entire amount of your purchase available on your card. At the time of purchase, you will only be charged for the first payment. The remaining balance will be held on the credit card until the final payment is made. 

LayBuy lets you spread the total cost over 6 weekly automatic payments. The first payment equal to one-sixth of the purchase price occurs once your order is completed. The remaining 5 payments are processed each week on the day of the original purchase. You will be required to log in to or set up a Laybuy account to use this payment facility. Selecting Laybuy at checkout will provide you an opportunity to register for an account.


How do I opt for this service?

Add your required product or service to the cart and proceed to checkout as normal. You can select either option as your payment method at checkout. 


When will I receive my purchase?

Your order will be processed as if you had paid in full directly.


What if I have a problem with payments?

Paying with Splitit is always 0% interest and there are never any late fees. Other charges may apply from your credit card issuer. Laybuy will charge Late Payment Fees, so please do ensure you have adequate funds in your account for the duration of your payment schedule. 


Who do I contact if I have a question?

Please contact the providers directly 

Splitit FAQs: https://www.splitit.com/faq/shoppers/

LayBuy FAQs: https://help.laybuy.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001736694-I-am-a-Customer

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