How does an Online Fertility Clinic like IVF Matters work?

[Published December 2021]

IVF Matters was established as the ‘first of its kind’ online fertility clinic in 2016 to provide everyone with direct, easy and earlier access to a team of renowned fertility specialists and fertility support services.

We support individuals and couples who have concerns about their fertility, to provide options for fertility preservation and for those who are struggling to conceive.

Patients can schedule convenient online or telephone consultations, order at home test kits, and arrange diagnostic assessments, all at a click of a button through our website, whether they are under our care directly or attending another clinic for fertility treatment here in the UK or accessing fertility services abroad. 

Access specialist fertility support that starts in the comfort of your own home

When you first start any fertility pathway, you are usually required to attend an appointment in-clinic. This prospect alone can make some people feel anxious and arranging time off work with travel and expenses to visit a specialist can become time-consuming and a little overwhelming. Here at IVF Matters – we simplify these initial stages in your journey by providing online resources and convenient assessments, consultations and tests that you can arrange and take, all from the comfort of your own home.

Online Fertility Assessment Questionnaire

Accessible 24/7, our online fertility questionnaires enable patients to provide us with their medical background, family history, upload any previous test results and advise us of any concerns at the very start of their journey, whether they are seeking to preserve their fertility or trying to start a family. Our own Fertility Consultant reviews all of the information provided, and with her wealth of knowledge and expertise; gained with over 15 years in practice at the UK’s leading facilities, prepares an individualised report outlining the various options available and the recommended next steps that can be taken in relation to fertility tests and assessments.

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Online Fertility Questionnaire IVF Matters

Online Consultations

It’s easy to arrange a video or telephone Consultation with us from the comfort of your own home! Our specialists will review your fertility questionnaire, if you have completed one, or discuss your medical background during your first consultation. All fertility consultations are arranged with Dr Koita, FRCOG who will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our consultant can also arrange for your tests to be sent to your home for collection of samples and can even arrange any further in-clinic diagnostic tests or ultrasounds required to confirm your fertility status.

As well as online fertility consultations, we have experts in the field of andrology, endocrinology, nutrition, weight management and fertility counsellors; all of whom are available to consult with you online to support you throughout your journey.

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Book a Fertility Consultation IVF Matters

Fertility Tests

There are a range of basic Fertility tests that can be ordered directly from our website. These test kits are discreetly packaged and come complete with instructions and everything you need to be able to conclude your tests at home, or advise how to arrange collection at a local blood draw service such as a Superdrug Nurse Clinic. Our kits include return postage-paid packaging for you to quickly and conveniently send them back to us as soon as you have completed them.

If you would prefer specialist assistance under the care of IVF Matters, you can arrange to visit one of our London-based clinics, where we will take and process the sample directly for you.

All of our tests are analysed at The Doctors Laboratory [TDL], the UK’s largest independent provider of highly specialised pathology/clinical laboratory services to clinicians (GPs and specialists), hospitals and community health services.

Once processed, your test results are made available to you through our secure online patient portal for you to review with your doctor or fertility consultant. What’s more, all tests ordered with IVF Matters include a complimentary telephone follow-up consultation with Dr Koita, our Fertility specialist, to help you better understand the results.

Basic Fertility Tests can take between 1-5 days for the results to be processed, whilst advanced tests, such as any genetics-based tests can take up to 4 weeks for the full diagnostics to be completed.

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At-Home and Clinic-based Services

Advanced Fertility Tests

Depending on the type of diagnostic tests you need, some advanced fertility tests can be taken by finger-prick blood tests, at your local blood draw service or using an at-home semen collection kit. The process for these tests is the same as our range of basic fertility tests and as such, can also be arranged, if preferred, at one of our IVF Matters clinics in London.

If you require a fertility or pregnancy ultrasound test - these can be easily scheduled through our website at any one of over 80 of our UK partner clinics. 

For more invasive tests, such as uterine cavity testing (saline scan) or fallopian tube assessment (3D HYCOSY), you will be required to attend one of our London fertility clinics, where our specialist will meet you to talk you through the procedure and discuss any concerns to put your mind at ease before starting. 

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 Fertility Ultrasound Scans IVF Matters

Fertility Treatment at Marylebone, London

Whilst the majority of our assessment services can be accessed easily through our website, we do also provide fertility consultations and fertility treatments, including IVF, ICSI and fertility preservation, at our London Clinic. Any treatment pathway will have been discussed with you prior to arrangement and will follow on from your initial assessments, results and consultations with us.

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 Best fertility clinic IVF Matters

Want to find out more about your fertility?

Why not browse our website and services and get in touch with us?

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