Why Fertility Coaching offers you so much more than just a baby

Published: February 2022  |  Guest Blog by Lucy Froese


I know, shock horror; how could I suggest that fertility coaching is not all about trying to have a baby! Hear me out...

I'm a Fertility Coach who takes both individuals and couples through the Freedom Fertility Formula, a dynamic healing and life empowerment journey, where the focus is not purely on the baby. 

The formula is a deeply restorative programme using a mix of coaching, counselling, and mind-body techniques. Consisting of seven core sessions, we address areas such as self-care and emotional states - and we work to remove any subconscious emotional blocks that may inadvertently affect fertility.

This programme supported me throughout my fertility journey and some of my darkest times - now igniting my passion to work with couples and individuals to put mental and emotional wellbeing at the forefront of their fertility struggle.

Fertility Coaching

Supporting those suffering in silence

Struggling to have a baby is a very lonely path, and far too many people worldwide are needlessly suffering in silence. I trained to become a Freedom Fertility Formula Specialist because I want to support as many people as possible, and provide them with the emotional care they deserve. 

I spent a decade battling infertility, and after 18 months of trying to conceive, I found myself within a dark hole of despair. At this point, I had focused on every physical route, but in doing so, had neglected my mental wellbeing, which was fragile and negatively affecting all aspects of life. 

I was lucky to have someone who could see my pain and suggested I work with Dany Griffiths, founder and creator of The Freedom Fertility Formula™. She empowered me with various tools and techniques, enabling me to live my life again by putting my mental and emotional wellbeing at the centre of my fertility journey.

Freedom Formula

The missing piece of the puzzle

A fertility journey affects every aspect of your life, ranging from your relationship, marriage, friendships, and career. You effectively put your life on hold and lose connection, which has a detrimental effect on your mental health. 

It's a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving you feeling out of control, powerless and unable to find many moments of joy in your life. It is incredibly consuming and often a very dark place to be. 

Sadly, emotional wellbeing is often the vital missing piece of a fertility journey. It comes secondary to acupuncture, reflexology, nutrition, and diet. But the mind and body are not two separate entities - you really cannot nourish one without the other.

Fertility Coach IVF Matters

Get back to living your life

Working with a Fertility Coach allows couples and individuals to explore every aspect of their fertility journey in a safe space, and with someone who understands their pain.

You spend valuable time with a specialist who:

  • Actively listens and validates your feelings
  • Explains how to process difficult emotions
  • Empowers you to use your sixth sense for decision making
  • Works to remove subconscious emotional blocks
  • Arms you with powerful tools and techniques for life, not just your fertility journey

Life will start to feel calmer session by session, taking you from emotional overwhelm to a place of feeling calm and in control. You'll finish the formula with a different mindset, feeling free and confident to live your life on your terms, while in the wait for your precious baby.

To connect with, or find out more about Lucy Froese, Fertility Coach and Freedom Fertility Specialist, contact us here at IVF Matters and we'll forward your details to Lucy. 


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