TTC? Make this Valentine’s Day extra special

Published February 2022

Going through infertility can put an immense strain on even the strongest of relationships. Whether you’re struggling TTC or already undergoing treatment, here are some ideas this Valentine’s Day to help keep that romantic momentum going. 

Valentines Fertility Infertility

When couples are trying to conceive, just following fertility methodologies at home, like basal temperature charting and monitoring ovulatory cycles, to timing the intimate moments to coincide with your most ‘fertile days’, can really cause your emotional and physical intimacy to dwindle. It’s such a difficult time to just enjoy ‘being’ with each other as there’s so much added pressure. 

This Valentines Day, why not take a short hiatus. Agree with each other that you’ll take a two day break from all those charts and devices and get back to who you both are and what makes your relationship special. Reconnecting can help to make your relationship stronger for the times ahead.  

Have a Date Night

Treat yourselves to a nice romantic ‘just the two of you’ date night. You can book a meal at your favourite restaurant or enjoy cooking up a storm together at home. If you’d prefer not to cook, why not choose a take-away and relax with scented candles, enjoy a favourite film or sing along together to some music in the kitchen. Remember to dance.  

Infertility Couple

Remember Why You Fell in Love

Talk to each other about how you felt when you met and when you first realised you had fallen in love. What was it about your partner that triggered your emotional response. Talk about your favourite past dates and agree to do a little more of those before baby comes. 

Simply Reconnect

What does your partner do that makes you smile, and what makes you laugh. What are their most endearing qualities? What challenges have you faced and overcome? What dreams have you already built? If you’ve done that, you guys can do anything!

When you’re TTC, Valentine's Day is the ideal time to take time to reflect on how far you have both come and consider what you’ve already achieved together throughout your relationship. It’s important to remember that. 

Reconnecting will help you be more thankful for each other and you will move forward stronger together into your future. A strong supportive couple can better cope with all the challenges and all the amazing things that life can bring. 


Note: It should go without saying that if you are undergoing medical fertility treatment, you should not stop taking any prescribed medications or attending any scheduled appointments. You can simply apply the same principles above to reinforce the positive bonds within your relationship.  


Enjoy each other and enjoy Valentine’s Day!



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