Prep4Pregnancy Preconception Support Service

Prepare for Pregnancy with Specialist Guidance

prepare for pregnancy with specialist guidance

Are you trying to get pregnant? Wondering how to best prepare for pregnancy?

  • Do you ever wish there was a Fertility Expert on hand who could give you the tailored advice, unique to you and your partner, that you need right now to help you prepare for pregnancy?

  • Dr Koita, the UK’s leading Fertility Specialist, is delighted to announce the launch of her New Prep4Pregnancy Programme – a 1:1 3 month Fertility Coaching Service tailored to the needs of individual couples

Dr Koita supports couples who have been trying to conceive for a few months to several years until they feel they have eventually exhausted all avenues and finally decide to investigate IVF treatment as a last resort. If only they had received the correct advice and information at the beginning of their journey when planning for pregnancy, they could have achieved their dream much sooner.

This is most often because a GP has consistently told them to keep trying, but they have never been able to pinpoint what may be causing a delay in getting pregnant or may not potentially even be aware that there could be a simple issue such as diet or lifestyle or a more specific cause such as an unknown medical condition that is impacting/impeding their progress.

Many couples will struggle to fall pregnant because one or both partners may have nutrient deficiencies or underlying health issues that have not yet been diagnosed. Unfortunately, with a lack of funding in the NHS, the sad truth is – they may not ever receive this much needed support via their GP practice – which would help diagnose a problem and establish corrective actions or support that they need.

Some couples may need advice on conceiving and encouragement in specific areas to help them on their way.

Preconception education and awareness are lacking, and we need to realise how much timing, hormones, diet, and other lifestyle factors can impact our success in having a healthy baby, or else we may find ourselves overwhelmed and frustrated. This is why Dr Koita is delighted to launch her all-new preconception advice service “Prep4Pregnancy” this January to help guide those in need prepare for pregnancy more comprehensively. 


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Introducing Prep4Pregnancy – your fast-track programme to achieving pregnancy, naturally.

Through IVF Matters, Dr Irfana Koita can now help you prepare for pregnancy and optimise your chances of falling pregnant naturally with her guided Prep4Pregnancy package.

Prep4Pregnancy is a unique, 1:1, tailored 12-week fertility coaching programme which aims to:

  • Help you assess and understand your individual situation
  • Recommend any appropriate tests to diagnose underlying problems
  • Guides you through specific steps tailored to your unique needs
  • Recommend appropriate lifestyle changes
  • Provide expert, informed guidance on a healthy diet, folic acid, nutrition and lifestyle 
  • Provide you with the best chance of achieving pregnancy naturally and avoiding potential risks, such as premature birth
  • Avoid the need for more expensive medical intervention and worry

Together with Dr Koita, you will explore factors which may be contributing to a delay in achieving a natural pregnancy and learn how these can be countered with simple lifestyle changes and adjustments to improve your overall health and well-being and get you and your partner back on the right track to achieving your dream of starting a family together.

Prep4Pregnancy is intended for those who are beginning their journey and want to optimise their chance of conceiving naturally. Guidance is also provided about stopping contraception and being fully ready for pregnancy.

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What does the IVF Matters - Prep4Pregnancy Programme include?

Prep4Pregnancy is a 3-month subscription that includes:

  • A fertility questionnaire for review and feedback from our specialist
  • An initial 30-minute consultation – via online video call to talk through the responses to the questionnaire, ask any questions and receive suggestions for any lifestyle changes they need to make
  • A second 30-minute consultation in the 2nd month to discuss progress and refine the approach
  •  A third 30-minute consultation in the final month to discuss progress and further refine the approach as necessary
  • Recommendations to acquire any necessary tests (these need to be ordered separately)

       How Do I Register for Prep4Pregnancy?

      Overcoming fertility struggles and preparing for pregnancy – a unique, tailored programme of advice and support directly from our Fertility Expert – the UK’s leading Fertility Specialist.

      If you want to overcome fertility struggles or are at the start of planning for pregnancy, you can register for Prep4Pregnancy using the link below.


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