Follicle Tracking Scans + Clinical Review
Follicle Tracking Scans + Clinical Review

Follicle Tracking Scans + Clinical Review

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This scan includes a complimentary call with our fertility expert, Dr Irfana Koita.

Follicle tracking scans help you determine if you’re ovulating. This test is done to help you increase your chances of conception, both naturally and with the help of fertility treatment.

The follicle scan also helps in surveying your uterus, endometrium, and ovaries - helping our fertility expert pinpoint the exact time in your menstrual cycle when you’ll be ovulating, increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

A follicle tracking scan requires a transvaginal ultrasound - a safe and expert-supervised procedure you’ll do inside our clinic. Simply book your appointment through our secure portal and receive the results, via email, immediately after the scan.

Your results will be reviewed by our in-house fertility expert Dr Irfana Koita, who’ll discuss your results in a complimentary call.

Feel free to use our services or contact us, even if you’re undergoing treatment at another private or NHS Clinic.



A detailed pelvic scan is performed to look a the uterus along with the thickness and the quality of the lining of the womb. The number and sizes of the ovarian follicles are recorded.

This scan is designed for women wanting to evaluate their follicular and endometrial development in a natural cycle or following ovarian stimulation as part of ovulation induction. 

- Order online
- Receive an email confirmation of the appointment
- Attend the scan

The scan is best performed transvaginally for optimum clarity.

This scan is best performed at the start of the cycle and then subsequently on days 8, 10 and 12 of the cycle depending on your response to medication.

At a centre close to where you live, across the UK

You will get the report immediately after the scan

Yes, you will receive complimentary feedback by our fertility consultant Dr Irfana Koita. Please get in touch after your scan appointment.

 Yes, feel free to use our service.


A more comprehensive analysis can be obtained by simultaneously performing blood tests to assess your hormonal levels. You may order these tests separately via our fertility tests section.

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