OvuSense™ Realtime Fertility Monitor App and Sensor

OvuSense is a Class 2 Medical Device fertility monitor that predicts ovulation up to 24 hours in advance, in your first cycle of use based on real-time data. Unlike other monitors or apps, it gets to work straight away without the need to gather data from past cycles. The OvuSense Sensor is worn in the vagina overnight and takes your ‘core body’ temperature every 5 minutes, to build up an accurate picture of your unique cycle characteristics. In the morning, simply download your data onto your mobile device using the OvuSense App. OvuSense has been extensively evaluated in two independent clinical trials and over 10,000 cycles of use. It is particularly useful if you have been struggling to conceive as it confirms ovulation with 99% accuracy, and helps all women regardless of their cycle patterns or variability in ovulation. It’s also useful for monitoring treatment and optimum timing of laboratory tests and ultrasound scans.

OvuSense™ Realtime Fertility Monitor App and Sensor


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