IVF Matters & OvuSense join forces to help UK Couples post-pandemic

IVF Matters is pleased to announce that we’ve joined forces with OvuSense to provide the most comprehensive and affordable online fertility monitoring, treatment and tracking services for UK couples trying to conceive.

 Published April 2021

We are delighted to announce our unique partnership with the leading Fertility Monitor, Clinical Screening and Medication Tracking technology provider, OvuSense.

Together, OvuSense and IVF Matters provide couples with the best chance of achieving a successful pregnancy as they can now time their conception or diagnostic testing with OvuSense OvuCore, book affordable diagnostic tests and treatments according to their cycle needs with IVF Matters, and receive remote monitoring of those treatments using OvuSense Pro.

Whilst IVF Matters already endorses the OvuSense family of products, including OvuCore and OvuSense® Pro, this new collaboration will help to bring our leading multidisciplinary online fertility services to OvuSense customers, supporting their plans for starting a family and providing light at the end of the tunnel, post-pandemic.


Robert Milnes, CEO of Fertility Focus says “It’s been a year like no other. Couples have put on hold their plans for starting a family as IVF clinics and other fertility treatments paused or restricted their services globally.  Thankfully, OvuSense has meant that couples could carry on trying to conceive naturally during lockdown, with OvuSense Pro helping their clinicians to remotely monitor their cycles, giving them greater understanding for when they resumed treatment.”

Recent research shows Millennials and Gen-Z are determined to take back control of their lives, focussing on key goals such as starting or growing a family.  This online generation is the future of families, so offering OvuSense combined with an affordable online fertility clinic like IVF Matters, is the perfect support for UK couples who are trying to conceive.”

Based on recently published clinical studies of over 8,000 OvuSense users, the OvuSense® Pro clinical portal allows doctors to screen for potential causes of female sub-fertility, risk of miscarriage and potential pregnancy complications, and then track the effect of changes in diet, lifestyle and treatments.  


Dr. Irfana Koita, Founder and Director at IVF Matters says; “We know this generation of couples are time poor and want convenient but affordable fertility support.  IVF Matters is the first fertility clinic in the UK to offer such online solutions.  We provide patients direct access to the best advice and treatment, with affordable options in female fertility, andrology [male fertility], nutrition, counselling, weight management, endocrinology, genetics, and Chinese herbal therapy; helping couples to achieve their dream of starting a family.”


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About Fertility Focus, makers of OvuSense and OvuSense® Pro

With the ultimate goal of increasing pregnancy rates and helping women understand their fertility, Fertility Focus brings a new approach to the issue of sub-fertility diagnosis and treatment. Through its core products, OvuSense and OvuSense® Pro, the company provides women and their clinicians the ability to predict and confirm ovulation, as well as screen for issues associated with sub-fertility, risk of miscarriage and risk of pregnancy.  No other method of fertility monitoring in the clinic or home offers these features. The company is continuously developing new technology to support women along all stages of their fertility journeys and manages the largest closed support group on Facebook for women who have PCOS and trying to conceive called, ‘PCOS Fertility Support Group’ with over 35,000 members. Driven by their own experiences with infertility, the Fertility Focus leadership group are committed to empowering women and improving the chance of successful conception. [citations as above].  OvuSense and OvuSense® Pro are licensed for sale in UK, EU, USA, Canada and Australia.



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