EGG FREEZING: Dispelling Myths & Misconceptions – ITV Here’s The Story Feature

EGG FREEZING: Dispelling Myths & Misconceptions – ITV Here’s The Story Feature

Egg Freezing Event Dispelling the Myths and Misconceptions

Egg Freezing as an option for preserving female fertility, is growing in popularity among women who are choosing to freeze their eggs for social; as well as for medical reasons, yet it is still very much a topic which is not openly discussed, as it can be controversial when women are considering it as an elective procedure.

Joss Evans, a Digital Video Producer for ITN, recently registered to attend one of our Egg Freezing events in London, hosted by Dr Irfana Koita, Fertility Consultant and Director of IVF Matters.

Joss was keen to research the treatment as part of ITV’s ‘Here’s The Story’ series. The series is published on various social media channels, including YouTube, and this particular edition raised the question “Egg freezing: Is the UK's fastest growing fertility treatment fair on women?”.

You can watch the episode below:

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We are inundated with information regarding Egg Freezing when first researching the option to find out if it is suitable for us and it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information and advice that is available online these days.

  • Are success rates accurate?
  • What age should I freeze my eggs?
  • How many eggs do I need to preserve?
  • What are the costs? Are there any hidden costs?, and
  • Is Egg Freezing a guarantee of a family later on in life?

These are all incredibly important questions and our response may surprise you.

You see, there is no single equitable answer that would be truly valid for all women. We are all different. We are all unique and your circumstances will be different to the woman considering Egg Freezing, who may be sat next to you at one of our events.

It’s this volume, depth and density of information that Dr Koita is aiming to streamline into a concise, honest and transparent approach in her London Egg Freezing events.

Dr Koita is keen to impress upon women who may be considering the treatment, that whilst statistics and comparing success rates of your favoured clinics may be useful, a woman’s chance of success is more likely based on her unique reproductive profile, than purely assessing her age or reviewing the quantitative national statistics from across the UK..

We can educate ourselves with media, clinic information and web research about the process, and perhaps even gather information from our friends if they have previously undertaken the treatment, but do remember that your body is unique. You are unique - and that is the biggest factor in Egg Freezing treatment.

Dr Koita advises; "The first stage in Egg Freezing Treatment Pathway is the discovery phase - where you just want to learn about yourself. You should gather the information about your own fertility and then based on what that information reveals, you would know more as to what your chances are, and that would be a more realistic approach on deciding whether you wish to proceed."

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The first stage of your personal journey is to discover and learn about your own fertility.

"No matter what the [national or clinic] data says, it's not to say that if you are 25 you automatically have a 30% chance of having a successful outcome if you freeze your eggs. You could be older and yet have very good ovarian function or you could be younger and have very poor ovarian function," she said.

If you are considering Egg Freezing as a means to preserve your fertility, we would urge you to register to attend one of Dr Koita’s upcoming Egg Freezing Evenings held at The Knapp Gallery, Regents Park, in London to find out more about the process of egg freezing and to discover how your unique reproductive health can impact the success rate. 

Egg Freezing Talk in London with IVF Matters

Egg Freezing - Join one of our upcoming events and get the facts: 

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