Are You Fit For Fatherhood?

When we think of healthy babies, we usually think of the health of the mother during pregnancy and an easy birth for baby. We often forget how important the father is in making a healthy baby as well. A father's health can even affect the health of his children throughout their lives. Reproductive fitness is essential for males and females alike, so pre-conceptual care is essential for would-be fathers as well as mothers.

Healthy DNA in sperm is essential for fertilisation as well as a healthy pregnancy and baby. The sperm DNA fragmentation index tests the quality of your sperm DNA. And there is good news! Unlike women, men can improve their DNA in just three months through simple lifestyle changes. Therefore, it’s important you have the test before any fertility treatment, so you can be as fit as possible for fatherhood. 

Together with a semen analysis, the sperm DNA fragmentation test gives you a full picture on your fertility, making sure you are fit for fatherhood.


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