6 Ways to support good Gut Health for Fertility

Guest Blog by Julia Young, Nutritionist – IVF Matters
Published July 2022

Our gut health influences our reproductive potential, so working on the balance of your gut health is really important in the preconception period.

The good news is there are things we can do to support our gut health and aide good digestion. Here are some things you can try:

1. Preparing your own food

Digestion begins even before you eat. Anticipating, smelling, cooking and enjoying food helps us salivate, which triggers the release of the chemicals (enzymes) that help to break down our food.

Preparing Food Nutrition for Fertility

2. Chewing

Chewing your food to baby food consistency, breaks down food and allows chemicals to act on it. We don't have teeth in our stomach so it's really important we do the chewing work before we swallow our food to help release the goodness!

3. Mindful eating

Eating your meals sat down at a table, concentrating and being mindful whilst eating helps your body to divert its efforts to digestion.

Fibre Food for Fertility Nutrition

4. Fibre rich foods

Eating plenty of fibre, particularly from vegetables and fruit, and fermented foods encourages the growth of good bacteria i.e. kefir, kombucha, fermented vegetables.

5. Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is important to aid digestion and help us absorb the nutrients from food. But limit fluids whist eating, as drinking water during mealtimes can dilute your digestive juices.

Water Hydrate Fertility Nutrition

6. Stress management 

Practice stress management techniques so that you are eating in a relaxed state. If we eat on the move or when stressed, our body will not prioritise digestion. Try taking a few deep breaths before you start eating to relax your body.



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    Julia Young is a Nutritionist at IVF Matters. You can arrange a consultation with Julia to discuss your nutritional needs by visiting our website: https://www.ivfmatters.co.uk/pages/julia-young


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