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Success Rates

Our Success Rates

We know that choosing a fertility clinic to progress your treatment can be a daunting prospect. Every patient is unique and any treatment provided should be tailored to your individual needs, with your care and wellbeing a foremost priority.

You will undoubtedly wish to review clinical experience, areas of expertise, read patient testimonials and review success rates before making a final decision.

The success rates for Dr Irfana Koita in 2017 & 2018 for all ages, are provided below.

IUI Treatment
IVF/ICSI Treatment
FET Treatment

How do our rates compare?

Our statistics are for the period 2017-2018, although the HFEA data currently available is for the period 2015-2016. Comparable data can be limited as all statistics in fertility treatments are based on the personal choices of patients and the most appropriate individualized treatment pathway.

“We just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help – our gorgeous baby girl arrived on Friday evening, two days ahead of her due date but still a very healthy 3.82kg! She is doing really well. Thanks again!!!”

TP, London

“Thank you for all your assistance, you gave us hope when we had none. We most certainly would have given up without your positive intervention. Gratefully yours”

MW, Spain

“Thank you Irfana, it was lovely to meet you and it really was the best care I have had in 3 years! Thanks for listening and for explaining things clearly and kindly.”

NW, Italy

“Thank you for all your help and time. My partner and I have appreciated it hugely.”

KM, Manchester

“We would like to share our much awaited news that we are expecting a Baby Girl .. We would like to heartfully thank you for all your services and help ..we are lucky to have a doctor like you and have also recommended you to our friends.”

AK, London

“Hi Irfana! Everything is going well our end. We are super pleased with how things have gone. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us – fingers crossed for a positive outcome this coming week.”

LW, London

“My consultation with Dr Koita was extremely helpful. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in this field and and carefully considered my situation and gave practical advice in respect of my fertility treatment.”


“I sought out Dr Irfana through IVF Matters after having a previous IVF cycle elsewhere which was unsuccessful. Other consultants I had spoken to were often too robotic or regimented in their approach; and I often left feeling more confused then when I’d gone in; questioning how unbiased or realistic their advice had been. Dr Irfana has a warm, approachable manner- but she is thorough and efficient and explains things very well so that you have a real understanding of the advice that she has given. We’re still mid way through our treatment under Dr Irfana but her support has been truly astounding. She was always on hand for guide and support from the very first consultation up until now- and she still is! IVF can be a minefield of stress and excess information and I can’t recommend Dr Irfana enough as someone who can help you make sense of it all.”


“I meant to reply to say thanks for the offer of help, and that I have now completed my purchase of the AMH self-testing kit. I was surprised by how easy it was to use. It’s great that a service like yours exists.”

IM, Manchester

“Thank you for sending the kits so quickly – it’s an excellent service”

AP, London

“Just a note to say thank you so much for your help as we now have two beautiful girls. It all worked first time, and the only egg I had split into two so they are identical! It was a real shock to the system but we are very happy”.

VG, London

“We had our consultation with Dr Irfana Koita and we loved her. Thank you so much for setting us up with her!”

KL, London

“I wanted to thank for your time on the phone earlier and sorry to be so neurotic! I feel completely privileged to be under your care and have the utmost respect for everything you do for patients like myself.”

MB, London

“Our beautiful boys are a continuous joy and keep us very busy indeed”

AS, London

“Irfana, wanted to thank you for all your help during our IMSI treatment. We have been blessed with a gorgeous baby boy ”

SC, London

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your kindness, care and support during and after my egg collection. I really did appreciate all you did for me that day ”

JR, Nottingham

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and care you gave during our first ICSI cycle. Although we were not successful you helped us come the closest we have ever been to that magical dream. We can’t wait to try again.  ”

H-LB, Derby

“We had many failed cycles with other units but got pregnant with you. Our baby was born in July and we are so happy with our sunshine.”

PJ, St Albans

“I cannot thank Amanda enough for her advice. After over a year of trying to conceive, and many previous gynaecological problems, I consulted Amanda regarding my current diet in case this was playing a role. During the consultation, Amanda took the time to listen and understand and then advised a number of changes with a full explanation as to why these could be helpful. After making the suggested changes, my husband and I conceived within 3 months and we now have a beautiful baby girl. After previous months of medical examinations and fertility medication, it was great to discover something within my control that made such a huge difference.” Thank you again

Dr RA, London

“Thank you for everything. Your charming, confident face and detailed follow ups made the “drama queen” feel relaxed :)”

PS, Abu Dhabi

“My husband and I had a Skype consultation last week and I wanted to say thank you first of all Irfana, it was informative, but we also really liked your personal and open approach.”

LA, London

“We were both impressed with you very much and believe we’ll be going ahead. Apart from that we both noticed how kind, professional, clear and patient you are Irfana and really felt those were wonderful qualities for someone in your role. We feel like we would be in very good hands indeed. I am sure that everyone tells you this, but it really is important for us to be working with someone who is more concerned about our welfare than anything else, and we both felt that you would be someone like this. Thanks and see you again.”

JD, London

“OK, bit of an update! I am pregnant!!! Seems like the one time we did try last month was the winner! I do believe it was down to your advice to go about trying, so can’t thank you enough. I will certainly recommend you to anyone having problems.”

AB, Kent

“Dr Koita, I like the fact that you are approachable, listen to concerns, answer honestly and are open to various suggestions offered by me. I feel listened to, cared for and understood. Just wanted to say thanks.”

AS, Watford

“Many thanks for helping us start our family. Your support in such difficult moments made a real difference in our lives.”

JJ, London

“Our little boy is born. We are over the moon! Thank you Irfana for helping us in this amazing journey.”

LB & EM, London

“On Thursday, 20 August at 4:35 pm we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world. She weighed 7 lb 11oz and was 21.5 inches in length. Thank you Dr Koita-Kazi.”

PL & ML, London

“Hello Irfana, wanted to let you know I’ve done a pregnancy test and I’m pregnant! I’m absolutely over the moon, I know it’s very early days and a long way to go. Words can’t really explain how I feel but I want to express a massive thank you so much for believing you could help me and for giving me the confidence to believe you could and for trusting in something different.”

EB, London


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