This is a screening package which forms part of an advanced fertility workup.

What tests will be performed?
– Familial Dysautonomia / Riley Disease
– Canavan Disease
– Tay Sachs Disease
– Fanconi Anaemia
– Cystic Fibrosis
– Bloom Syndrome
– Niemann Pick Disease
– Mucolipidosis IV
– Glycogen Storage Disease

Who should have the test?
– People at high risk of being carriers eg Ashkenazi Jews, before planning a pregnancy

What is the process?
– Order online
– Receive a discrete kit
– Collect sample
– Post kit using packaging provided

Who will analyse the sample?
– The Doctors Laboratory, UK’s leading lab

How long will it take to get the result?
– Up to 14 working days

How will the result be sent?
– By email

Can IVF Matters help interpret the result?
– Yes, consult our team of specialists