IVF Matters Introduces NEW Accessible Fertility Finance Plan!

IVF Matters Fertility Finance Funding Plan

Discovering that you may need fertility treatment to achieve your dream of starting, or adding to your family; can be overwhelming to process. On top of that, coming to terms with the finance requirements for a treatment pathway you are offered, can add a massive financial burden that you also need to consider on top of those emotional and physical considerations, and it is for this reason that most often, many couples unfortunately seek to delay their treatment.

I know that couples may find it challenging to self-fund fertility treatment due to the high cost associated with IVF and other assisted conception or fertility preservation services offered to them, all of which can be a daunting consideration to process.

I realise that fertility treatments can be prohibitive as a single outlay payment and this often dissuades couples and single women from pursuing their chosen fertility pathway.


IVF Matters New Fertility Finance Packages

But not anymore with IVF Matters - New Finance Plan Now Available!

I have always been passionate about making fertility treatment accessible to all and I am so pleased to inform you that here at IVF Matters, we can now offer our patients the option to pay for their treatments in installments with payment plans running up to 5 years, breaking down the single funding outlay into a far more manageable payment schedule for our patients.

What’s more – by providing this option, you can now choose to start your treatment pathway with us, right away, so that you don’t have to further delay the realisation of your dreams.


How To Apply for Fertility Finance Fertility Funding 

How does it work?

The Payment Plan application only takes a few minutes to complete and an instant decision is provided (and it will not affect your credit score).

You can apply for finance for anything between £500.00 up to £50,000.00 for up to 1 to 7 years!



No need to delay any further - Start Your Fertility Journey Today!

We hope that this will encourage patients to seek support promptly, which in turn will have a significant impact on their success but also on their mental health and wellbeing.

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