Nutrition & Fertility - FREE Webinar with Special Guest: Nutritionist, Julia Young

Wednesday 20th July @ 7pm


Join our Nutritionist, Julia Young this month on Wednesday 20th July at 7 pm LIVE, as she presents a special webinar on the importance of Nutrition for fertility for both men and women.

There is a growing body of evidence that nutritional habits may have a significant effect on both male and female fertility and a well-balanced diet seems to play an important role in the prevention of subfertility in both sexes. Our nutritionist, Julia Young will help you understand the best approach to good nutrition for fertility.

You’ll learn about:

- Gut health and fertility
- How to maximise the success of fertility treatment
- Supporting egg quality
- Male fertility
- How to survive the 2 week wait
- Fertility and toxins
- Hypothalamic amenorrhoea
- PCOS and fertility

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About Julia Young:

Julia Young is a Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in fertility. She helps couples struggling to conceive to realise their dream of having a family. Julia offers personalised nutrition and lifestyle support and believes in the importance of getting to the root cause of people’s fertility issues. You can find out more about Julia on our website:


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