Why not turn to more affordable at-home fertility tests?

IVF Matters, a UK based specialist online fertility service, is on a mission to help women and men get smarter about their fertility by using affordable home-testing kits which can be sent all across the UK.

Using these at-home fertility testing kits can be significantly more affordable than going into a clinic for testing. The convenient service provides a complete sexual health and fertility check-up for individuals and couples, helping them understand their individual fertility.

Take Control

“Most couples are given to assume that when the time is right in their lives, they can start a family, and this isn’t always the case. There may be an underlying issue that they are unaware of that our home testing kits can help identify, enabling them to seek professional advice”, says Dr Koita, a fertility specialist and founder of the online service.

The tests have been conveniently packaged based on different types of fertility treatments. Alternatively, you can order the tests individually.
For women, a basic Fertility ‘MOT’ Kit includes an Ovarian Reserve Hormone blood test (also known as AMH) for £49.

Upon ordering, IVF Matters will send you the sample collection kit to your preferred address. Once you have collected your sample using the lancet – just send the kit back to them using the packaging that is provided. The samples will be processed by UK’s leading laboratory called The Doctors Laboratory so you can be certain about the quality of the results.

You can use the service even if you are having treatment at another fertility clinic as you will get a copy of your results.

Order your test kit here: https://www.ivfmatters.co.uk/services/investigations/anti-mullerian-hormone-amh